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Samuel J. Bush

Samuel J. Bush was a US Navy sailor stationed aboard the battleship USS California with his brother, Leon W. Bush, in Pearl Harbor. A few minutes before 8 o'clock on a quiet Sunday morning, on December 7, 1941 (11:55 am Eastern time) the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The assault lasted less than two hours. There were over 3,500 casualties including 2,403 deaths. Battleships USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma were destroyed and USS California, USS Maryland, USS Nevada, USS Tennessee, and USS West Virginia were heavily damaged. The USS Arizona sunk and remains at the bottom of Pearl Harbor along with most of the 1,177 sailors and marines onboard. The USS Arizona continues to leak up to 9 quarts of oil each day. On December 8, 1941, the United States declared war against Japan. On December 11, 1941, Germany and Italy, allies with Japan, declared war on the US and the US officially entered World War II.


Adam W. Bush, Jr.

Adam W. Bush and his wife, Florence Jackson Sanders, had two sons 14 months apart. Samuel J. Bush was born on March 26, 1921 in Los Angeles. Sam's brother Leon W. Bush was born in Dale, SC. Adam was an Officer's Cook First Class (OC1c) and retired from the US Navy. He was also a Steward at Beaufort Post 9, The American Legion, while W.A. Lindberg was Commander and Chas Knott was Adjutant. 


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